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The Power Of Networking: Takeaways from the Startup Topeka Summit

Wednesday, December 18, 2019 3:32 PM | Aaron Neely (Administrator)

The Power of Networks

Firestarters: Emmanuel (Manny) Herron, Monique McDowell, Diana Brauer

Takeaways from Monique:

Monique shared her experience coming from West Palm Beach Job to Topeka. She achieved "winning" and networking through:

  • Social media
  • Communication with people who have a potential reciprocity by establishing connections

Monique’s advice was to know who is in the room (the winners, influencers, leaders, civil servants in your ecosystem) and find people who share common vision, mission, goals with you.

Takeaways from Manny

Start with attention grabbing story

Introspection -6 points   

  1. Collective Wisdom (explore, gifts, investigate)
  2. Push the limits as a team
  3. Support and believe divergent views have value
  4. There is positive power in community
  5. New Ideas – Motivation
  6. Inspiration

Other takeaways:

  • Importance of Marketing & Communication
  • Find your “family” in the industry
  • Find solutions with other like-minded professionals in your industry to solve common problems through collaboration (and innovate)
  • Bring in diverse group of variable energies
  • Unify knowledge systems & skills
  • Economic Prosperity
  • Value in each person
  • Creating business that positively affects culture and community for the better
  • Be prepared to describe your best selling point
  • Distinguishing feature on your person

What do you want to see?

  • Accountability
  • Professional, purposeful, personal relationships
  • Outside Circle
  • Vulnerability
  • Share
  • Trust
  • Purpose
  • Intimate connections
  • Connections that change lives
  • “Signal boost”
  • Be seen in the news (press, create exposure w/ media)
  • Results
  • Change
  • Civic engagement
  • Be the expert
  • Share info
  • Follow-up
  • New business
  • People as a reference

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