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712 Innovations provides two conference rooms for use by both 712 members as well as members of the community. The rooms can be used for meeting with clients, hosting training or other opportunities to help support you and your business.

To book a time in the conference room, please take a look at the availability on the schedules below. Requests can be emailed to

Conference Room Schedules

25 Person Conference Room


  • Whiteboard Wall
  • 70 inch touch-screen monitor with computer (HDMI Hookup)
  • Logitech Camera for video conferences
  • Food is allowed

Check Availability

8 Person Conference Room


  • Whiteboard
  • 50 inch Smart TV with HDMI Hookup
  • Food is allowed

Check Availability

Each monthly membership level comes with an assigned amount of hours. 

Membership Rates Hours Included in Plan Cost for Additional Time

 Available Times

 Day Pass  $5/hr. 9 am - 5 pm
 University Student/Faculty 5 Hours     $5/hr.  9 am - 5 pm 
 CoWork Drop-In5 Hours    $5/hr.  9 am - 5 pm
 CoWork Reserved Desk 8 Hours      $5/hr.  24/7
 CoWork Small Workstation10 Hours     $5/hr.  24/7
 CoWork Large Workstation12 Hours     $5/hr.  24/7
 CoWork Offices 20 Hours     $5/hr.  24/7

 Non-Member Rental Rate Cost 8 am - Noon  1 - 5 pm8 - 5 pm 
 8P Conference Room $15/hr $45 $45 $100
 25P Conference Room $25/hr $75 $75 $175

*Non-profits located in Shawnee County do not have to pay for the space if they will be using it under 4 hours. Any time over 4 hours will cost $25 per day for either conference room.

*Non-profits located outside of Shawnee County will pay $20/hour for the 25P Conference Room . The cost is $10/hour for the back conference room.

All non-members must fill out and sign the agreement below. Completed agreements can be sent to or brought with you to your meeting.

Conference Room Rental Agreement.pdf

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